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  • A Physical Rehabilitation Center with Therapy Services

    Through occupational, speech, and physical therapy, the goal of our rehabilitation center is to get recovering residents home so they can return to independent living. With decades of experience, our professional staff helps residents to stay motivated through rehabilitation for hip or knee replacement, strokes, congestive heart failure or traumatic injury, just to name a few conditions. Our staff are even supervised by a licensed physiatrist (senior rehabilitation doctor), which is a unique feature of our nursing rehab center.

    As a rehab nursing home, social activities, exercise, restaurant-quality meals, musical entertainment, spiritual opportunities and educational classes all provide the foundation for continuing recovery through mental wellness.

    In addition to these more traditional senior rehabilitation activities, both our long-term and short-term residents enjoy pet therapy through our loveable dog Gigi, and our parrot Sprite. Visitors are also encouraged to bring family pets for visits, contributing greatly to emotional health.