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  • A Shredding Event Success

    We had an exciting weekend at Luther Woods, as Shred One stopped by to host a community shredding event on Saturday. This year’s turnout was one for the books. In fact, more than 300 people participated and about 14,800 pounds of paper were shredded!

    We even received a lovely note from someone who stopped by to shred a few documents. It’s moments like these that put a smile on our faces. Our skilled nursing care staff greatly enjoys helping not only our residents and their families, but also those in the surrounding communities. We truly appreciate their hard work, dedication and passion for those in need.

    “It is hard to know where to begin. I and my family want to thank you for the wonderful service you are providing the community. All I can say without fear of contradiction is that God is smiling on the effort by providing such a beautiful day. My son and I arrived at 8:20, and the driveway leading to your wonderful facility was full. However, the line moved very quickly and we were finished in no time. The people (young and older) that were assisting could not have been kinder, and to add the gift of water, pretzels and hand sanitizer was an expected bonus. We live in Warminster, and were alerted to this event by mailing. Thank you so much for the generosity to all of us who showed up. I’m sure the level of goodwill produced today will come back to you a hundred fold. In this world of many sad and evil things, you have brought back my belief that there are many good people in this world and you people are high among them. Thank you and God Bless you all.”

    Thank you to everyone who attended this fun shredding event!